Our tutors

Aleksei Abakumov got his master’s degree from St. Petersburg University (Russia), where he studied mathematics and biology. He taught at Polytechnic University in Saint-Peterburg, Russia, as well as in several high schools specializing in STEM subjects. He has been working as a tutor since 1988, helping students of all levels, from high school to university courses.

Aleksei is passionate about helping high school students become more confident and independent problem solvers. Parents and students often ask, “How to learn to solve all these difficult problems?” The answer is to start with more manageable tasks and gradually build our knowledge and confidence to realize the steps needed to tackle the more complex problem. Aleksei’s calm and patient approach to teaching helps students feel comfortable and concentrate on learning. By respecting each child’s personality, he gives everybody an opportunity to reach their potential.

Aleksei teaches mathematics, statistics, physics, chemistry, and biology – both high school curriculum, including AP courses, and extracurricular programs. He also helps advanced students to prepare for math competitions such as AMC 10/12 and coaches students for SAT/ACT exams.

Shubha Rajopadhye received her Phd from Pennsylvania State University. She has taught math- ematics for many years at several di erent universities in the US. such as Penn State, UC Santa Cruz, Santa Clara University. Seattle University, and all three campuses of University of Washington: Tacoma, Bothell, and Seattle. She currently teaches mathematics at the University of Washington, Bothell. Her many years of teaching collegiate mathematics has made her aware that the most for- mative years of a student's life are the middle and high school years. She would like to spend time in helping students reach their full potential and help prepare them for future and college.

Shubha will tutor any math or statistics course in the high school curriculum as well as any advanced topics/courses that students might wish to learn. She is excited about this opportunity to connect with students and help them grow. The session cost is $50.