Summer Programs 2021
Online Summer Camps: Math and Coding
Logic Land Summer Camp
  • Session A: Grades 3-4
    June 28-July 2, 10:30am-2pm
  • Session B: Grades 4-5
    August 2-6, 10am-1:30pm
Price: $300
This camp puts together a set of activities that are sure to captivate curious learners. From smart problem-solving, logical games and mathematical explorations, playful algebra and visual geometry, to hands-on math and entertaining math crafts, this program is a challenging and fun approach to deepen math understanding and love of math.

For motivated students interested in mathematics and logic, entering grades 3-4 or 4-5.
Beyond School Math: Get Ready for Algebra
Grades 5-6
August 9-13, 10am-1:30pm
Price: $300
A week of middle-school math preparation, cool challenge problems, and math-related fun as well! To be on top in a math class, you need to be proficient in several key topics. We will be deepening our knowledge and perfecting our skills on the topics of equations, percentages and ratios, word problems, and geometry. There will also be hands-on activities, games, problems on logic, reasoning, and lateral thinking. This fun mathematical recreation will keep the students amused and excited.

For motivated students interested in math and science, entering grades 5-6.
Refresh your Algebra skills:
Get ready for the new school year.
For motivated middle schoolers
Grades 6-8
August 23-27, 10am-1:30pm
Price: $300
This camp is designed to refresh and extend skills essential for success in middle school math courses. The program is designed for students interested in mathematics; we will review important topics in algebra such as expressions, equations, inequalities. We will apply our skills in geometry and number theory. Learn smart problem-solving methods, develop deep understanding, and get plenty of practice to feel confident and prepared for the school year. The program includes math explorations and hands-on activities that will keep the students occupied, amused, and excited.

For motivated students entering grades 6-8.
Geometry Unlocked:
Visual Geometry and Constructions with Geogebra Software
Grades 6-8
  • Session A:
    June 28-July 2, 1pm-4:30pm
  • Session B:
    July 12-16, 1pm-4:30pm
Price: $300
Sharpen your problem-solving skills, gain deeper geometric insights, grasp the concepts and proofs visually! In this camp, we will utilize dynamic geometry software, GeoGebra, to develop a deeper understanding of geometry. GeoGebra is an interactive math technology system that joins geometry, algebra, and calculus.
The scope of material includes angles, regular polygons, special right triangles, similarity, Pythagorean theorem, constructions in geometry. With Geogebra, we will explore geometric conjectures and properties of figures dynamically, create captivating structures such as Theodorus and Golden spirals, and will help our students develop a more profound understanding of geometry, appreciate the beauty of Euclidean geometry, and gain proficiency with modern geometric software.

Sessions A and B are similar in format but offer different topics. Sign up for A, or B, or both.
This camp is for motivated learners with familiarity with Algebra.
Math of Computer Science
Grades 8-10
August 9-13, 9:30am-12:45pm
Price: $300
Ever wondered what kind of mathematics do programmers need? How much do you know about modern-day cryptography? What is a search algorithm on a graph? How is the logic of true/false related to logical circuits? This camp presents selected topics of discrete mathematics, which is a branch of mathematics that modern computer science is largely built on.
Topics covered:
  • Logic: from Knights and Liars to Digital Circuits.
  • Networks and graphs in math and computer science.
  • Cryptography: from ancient ciphers to modern-day encryption.
  • Elements of number theory
  • Problems-solving and proof techniques of discrete mathematics.
The topics of this camp lay outside of the school curriculum. We welcome participants who want to broaden their horizons, get exposed to higher-level mathematics, and are ready for a week of fast-paced learning and advanced problem-solving.
Open to advanced math students grades 8-10, as of Fall 2021.
Coding with Python
level 1
Grades 6-8
July 12-16, 10am-1:30pm
Price: $350
This fast-paced camp is for motivated students who are new to Python programming or have limited coding experience. The course introduces fundamental programming concepts and illustrates them with a variety of graphical and algorithmic projects. By the end of the week, students will gain a lot of practice with the flow of control, variables, conditionals, loops, functions, lists, and graphical turtle programming. The teaching approach emphasizes computational thinking and quality coding practices.
Prerequisites: Developed typing skills.
Successful graduates are welcome to join our Level 2 camp.
Coding with Python
level 2
Grades 6-8
July 19-23, 10am-1:30pm
Price: $350
An intensive program for students who want to improve their Python coding skills. This week we will dive deeper into more advanced elements of the language and more challenging and complex algorithmic projects. Work on a variety of projects, graphical games, and exercises that utilize, emphasize, and enforce these concepts. We will also be discussing program organization and quality coding practices.
Grow with us: improve your coding skills, learn new problem-solving approaches, get a deeper understanding of the language.
Coding with Java
Grades 9-11
July 12-16, 19-23, 9:30am-1pm
Price for two weeks: $550
An intensive two-weeks course with an emphasis on algorithmic programming and problem solving that can serve as a stepping stone for AP Java Programming. Learn about control structures, fundamental data types (classes, lists), functions, classes and objects, inheritance, modular design, and architecture of object-oriented programs. The focus is on algorithmic design and practices, core concepts of object-oriented programming, good coding style. Students will leave with an understanding of a high-level programming language and with plenty of coding practice.
The instructions are fast-paced. The camp is designed for motivated learners entering grades 9-11.
Summer Camp Details


  • The summer of 2021 our camps are offered online.
  • The grades in the program names refer to the student's grade in September 2021. For example, a "grades 6-8 program" is for students who will be starting 6th, 7th or 8th grade next fall.
  • Discount 25% off taken at the time of registration, for families of those experiencing economic hardship due to pandemic or other reasons.
  • Sibling and Multi-camp discount: $25
  • Camp placement is not guaranteed until the full payment is received.
    100% refund deadline: 4 weeks before the camp.
    50% refund deadline: 2 weeks before the camp.


  • Classes are offered online through Zoom platform. Camera and microphone are needed. There will be breaks for students during 3.5 hour camps.
  • The teacher contacts registered students before the camp and provides the link for the meeting.
  • Contact us with any questions: please email

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