Prime Factor Math Circle and School of Programming


Junior Circle 1 (Grades 3-4) Materials, 2013-14.

Date Topics
First Semester
Session 1 What is a math circle? Problem solving session.  Homework.
Session 2
The logic of true and false.
Session 3
Diagrams in problem solving
Session 4
Cryptography: Can you read my secret message? Homework.
Session 5 Problems solved through logic tables. Assumptions in logic problems.
Session 6
Emeralds and rubies in a dark cave.  Homework.
Session 7
Word problems and models.
Session 8 Halloween Math Dominoes. How much does it weigh? Also, Emeralds and rubies in a dark cave.
Session 9 Perimeters and Rotational Symmetry. More on weights.  Homework.
Session 10 Math Hockey game.
Second Semester
Session 11 Shortages and surpluses.  Also, What can you do with Möbius strip?
Session 12 The King and the Painter: calculating areas. More on areas.
Session 13 The problems with shortages and surplaces. Playing with snowflakes.
Session 14 More on areas. Building with cubes.
Session 15 Math Kangaroo practice.
Session 16 Advanced problems on weights.  Also, Fun with two mirrors.  Homework.
Session 17 Building with cubes.  Playing with two dice. Square numbers.
Session 18 Math Dominoes game. More on square numbers. Also,
Session 19 What is a fractal?  Also:  problem-solving strategies.
Session 20 The logic of wizards and hats.
Third Semester
Session 21 Working backwards. Jotto game.
Session 22 Adventures in Binary Land. More on Fractals.
Session 23 More Binary Land adventures. Koch snowflake.
Session 24 Probability and a pair of dice. Sierpinski triangle.
Session 25 Time and Age Triathlon game.
Session 26 A dragon, a smiley man, and Pascal's triangle.
Session 27 Beads and necklaces. Also, happy tribe of UR - names and walks.
Session 28 Math Hockey game.
Session 29 Cryptoglyphs on Roborock planet.
Session 30 "Guess the letter" game. Polyhedra construction.

Prime Factor Math Circle is a nonprofit organization. The goal of Prime Factor is to engage school children in the world of extracurricular mathematics with the purpose of developing their math knowledge, problem solving skills and creative thinking abilities. We have a lot of plans and ideas how to grow and expand. We welcome donations and we will put them to a good use.