Testing 2023-2024
Placement tests for all classes

Remote testing

Most students join our program in the Fall. To find classes that fit a student best, we offer a free online placement test for each student.

You can request the placement test in math or computer science below. After testing is completed, we grade it and email you our recommendations, which class to attend. Sometimes we offer to take a higher grade test if a student did extremely well with their grade level assignment.
Notice, that when a test is requested, we base the choice of test on the student grade level.

Who doesn't need to test?

  • Returning students continuing with a similar class, if they worked in the previous class successfully.
  • Students with high scores in Math Competitions, such as Math Kangaroo, Math Is Cool, WSMC, Noetic Learning, AMC 8/10, MathCounts or similar.
  • Students who attended our summer camps and have teacher's recommendation.
If you are unsure about which classes to take, please ask us!

If you would like to sign up for the class ABOVE your grade level, the testing is always required.

What do we test?

Most of our classes are designed to serve two grade levels. Sometimes a 5th grader feels more comfortable in a class for 4th and 5th graders, and sometimes they might thrive in a more challenging 5th-6th-grade class. Our tests are created to test knowledge on several key concepts that are taught across two possible choices of classes - problems that are offered in the 4th-5th grade class, and those taught in the 5th-6th grade.

The tests for our Competition Math Program check that a student is familiar with the concepts needed for success in the next level.

We test students wishing to join our coding program in relevant math knowledge and computational thinking.

In all placement tests, we also offer out-of-the-box thinking questions. Overall, there is no need to prepare for the test, and no tools, such as calculators are needed. The tests are about 15-20 questions, and are not timed. This year, all tests are offered remotely.

The testing for 2023-24 school year is closed. We will resume in August.