Prime Factor Math Circle and School of Programming


Prime Factor Policies and Forms


Tuition for our circles is trimester-based. We have 3 trimesters, Fall, Winter and Spring, 10 classes each, and the tuition for each semester is $250. The tuition for a trimester is due by its second class. We accept payments by check, cash, or PayPal.

For those students who are new to math circles, we prefer that they know what “circle-style” mathematics is about prior to committing to the class. Therefore, if your student decides not to stay after trying a class, you don't have to pay at all. Otherwise, pay the full tuition at the time of the second class. If you are joining the circle in the middle of a semester, your tuition is pro-rated.

You can get a pro-rated refund for missed classes in the following cases:
  • A long vacation or other absence (at least two missed classes in a row). In this case, the circle teacher should be notified about this in writing (by e-mail, at least 7 days before the planned absence)
  • A long illness (at least two missed classes in a row). In this case, the circle teacher should be notified about this in writing or by e-mail
  • A class is cancelled by Prime Factor
  • Decision to leave the circle. The teacher needs to be informed of this decision by email.

Student Records

It is very important that all the emergency contact information is kept up to date and correct. Please inform us immediately of any changes. We need to keep your information current.

Medical Procedures and Ill Students

In case of a serious accident or sudden illness requiring immediate medical attention, the following procedures will be followed.
  1. A phone call to 911 is made.
  2. The child's parents (or emergency contacts) are called.

Absences and Vacations

If your child will not be attending a Circle session (even if he or she intends to skip a single session), please let us know by email. Our activities sometimes depend on the number of students present in class.

Restricted Items

Please do not bring snacks containing peanuts.


A parent or legal guardian of each student attending the math circle should sign the Prime Factor Liability Release Form and Photo Release Form and bring the signed forms to the teacher on the first day of class.

Prime Factor Math Circle is a nonprofit organization. The goal of Prime Factor is to engage school children in the world of extracurricular mathematics with the purpose of developing their math knowledge, problem solving skills and creative thinking abilities. We have a lot of plans and ideas how to grow and expand. We welcome donations and we will put them to a good use.