Our Teachers

Anna Burago is the founder and lead teacher of Prime Factor. She is a math professional, software developer and a book author with a long-time passion for teaching. In her classes, she combines the rich traditions of the Russian-style math education for gifted children with her experience of teaching extracurricular mathematics and computer science in a US classroom

Anna holds Masters degrees in Mathematics and in Computer Science from the University of Washington. Her book “Mathematical Circle Diaries, Year 1: Grades 5 to 7” is published by AMS (American Mathematical Society, “Mathematical Circles Library” series, 2013). The second book is coming at the end of 2017.

Anna is involved in a variety of cool mathematical activities and projects. She is a regular speaker and participant of the MSRI (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute) math circle conferences and workshops. She taught at SIMUW (Summer Institute of Mathematics at UW) and at summer math programs at Robinson Center for Young Scholars (UW). Anna is also a big enthusiast of thinker-style math Olympiads, computing contests, and other exciting projects that rhyme “mathematics” and “thinking.”

Luba Malkina got her Masters degree in Mathematics and Statistics from Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia. For several years, she was teaching math circles at Northwest Academy of Sciences. She has also been a coach of elementary and middle school math teams that successfully performed in various local and regional math contests. Luba developed an online interactive elementary school math curriculum for Reasoning Mind, Inc and worked for Perfection Learning, Inc, creating the electronic math textbooks for middle and high school students. Luba taught Summer Challenge and Summer Stretch courses at Robinson Center for Young Scholars at University of Washington.

Luba is a lead teacher for elementary and middle school math courses and Academics director at Prime Factor.

Kateryna (Katie) Senyuk got her Master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine. She has been teaching math, statistics and computer science for 5 years, publishing over 30 articles in various mathematical journals. She also worked as a part of a medical research team, performing medical data analysis and processing. At the same time she always dedicated herself to working with children, engaging them in mathematical and extracurricular projects. For the past few years, Katie has been designing and programming websites and working as a coach of elementary school math teams, which fulfills her dream of empowering children’s education.

Yuliya (Julia) Magidson received a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching from Dnepropetrovsk State University in Ukraine, and enriched her education at Oranim Academic College in Israel. Yuliya taught mathematics and computer programming in middle and high schools. During the several years Yuliya eagerly volunteers at Pacific Cascade Middle School and Issaquah High School as an Instructor in math clubs, helping introduce students to the beauty, variety and challenges of mathematics. Her students successfully competed in numerous Washington State Math Olympiads such as Math Is Cool, MATHCOUNTS, Washington State Olympiad, Math Kangaroo, and others.

Yuliya's passions are building three-dimensional puzzles, playing mathematical games, and solving interesting math problems. She is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and experience with young mathematicians at Prime Factor Math Circle.

Julia Levenkova got her Master's Degree in Computer Science from Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia. She worked as a software engineer before moving to the United States. She enriched her education by successfully completing several certificate computing programs through the UW Educational Outreach: C++ programming, Game Development, and Embedded & Real-Time System Programming.

In addition to programming, Julia enjoys reading and playing MMORPG (Massive multiplayer online roleplaying game) computer games.

Michael Paderno is an undergraduate student currently in his junior year at the University of Washington where he studies biochemistry, after having left his high school's IB program early to enter college through the UW Academy. He has been heavily involved in mathematics both competitively in math olympiads, and with the Prime Factor math circle where he has been both a student and a TA for the past several years. Additionally, Michael enjoys the exploration into the field of computer science and was recently certified in database management.

Michael also likes art, fashion, and music.

Alexander (Alex) Burago is a student currently aiming to receive his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Alex has been teaching and helping at Northwest Academy of Sciences for the past five years after having been a student in math and computer science circles for many years. He has had a passion for teaching since his high school years after having been a coach for FLL Robotics teams. He has participated and judged in local and regional math competitions (WSMC, BAMO, The UW Math Hour).

Apart from mathematics and programming, Alex has a passion for reading, rock climbing and strategic games. He is looking forward to another exciting year of teaching at Prime Factor.

Olga Bezruchkina received Masters Degree in Engineering at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. She has been tutoring students elementary through High School and college level math for more than 10 years. Olga has also coached elementary and middle school math teams.

Teaching mathematics is Olga’s passion. She sees teaching math as an art of opening up a huge potential of logical reasoning which every one of her students will be able to apply in their other studies and endeavors. She believes that every student can be successful in studying mathematics, exploring world of math at their own pace, welcoming challenges and becoming a stronger, self-reliant person.