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Math Circles

In our middle and high-school circles, we teach material that is typically not covered at schools, and that is relevant to a wide range of modern professions. However, the benefits of studying in a circle are much broader than just the expansion of factual knowledge. Students learn new ways of thinking about mathematics: they learn to build arguments, to give proofs, to analyze from different points of view, to make connections across topics, to generate ideas, and to look for their own answers.

School Math Done Right

This is our new program which is designed to teach quality middle school curriculum. SMDR is based on time-tested Eastern European materials and approach: solid Algebra skills, challenging problem solving, rigorous Geometry reasoning, Combinatorics, and, most importantly, understanding of “how and why things work.” The program also includes additional components that emphasize logic and mathematical reasoning. Classes for higher grades prepare for contests such as AMC 8/10.
This year, we offer SMDR classes for advanced students grades 6-7 and 7-8. Admission is selective.

Math Sequence

Many students join middle school circles in 6th grade and progress through the sequence of classes to high school. Each next course builds upon concepts introduced in the previous course, but we review the material constantly. Math Circles and SMDR classes can be taken on their own, or as a bundle.

To learn more about math circles curriculum or to get a taste of problems that middle-school students solve in our classes, please check the "Resources” section of the site.

Computer Science

For our programming track, we offer a broad range of year-long classes designed for motivated and curious learners. As students advance through our curriculum, they progress from class to class, learning new programming skills and new languages.

Our classes range from coding for grades 5-6 to competition preparation for high-school students, and to the mathematics of computer science. Many classes come in regular and advanced versions. All our classes emphasize computations thinking, quality coding practices, and individual attention to students.

Programming sequence

Our programming sequence for middle school starts from “Games and Algorithms on Scratch” class and runs up to high school. The chart below lists the progression of our classes.

Extension “PRO” indicates a class for kids with previous programming experience. For example, we offer Snap!/JavaScript course for 6-7th graders who have had exposure to programming before (course PRO), and a similar course for 7-8th graders who might be new to programming.

Competition preparation course is designed for advanced high school (or very advanced middle school) students. Admission is selective by placement test results or teacher recommendation.

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