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Julia Robinson Festival on Eastside
Fall 2017, place TBD

Julia Robinson Mathematics Festivals inspire students to explore the richness and beauty of mathematics through activities that encourage collaborative, creative problem-solving.

A comfortable familiarity with mathematical concepts enriches an individual's experiences in the world just as the ability to read opens the mind to unlimited possibilities. JRMF's vision is to inspire a life-long curiosity for mathematics by instilling a genuine interest in creative problem-solving from an early age. The Julia Robinson Mathematics Festivals allow young people to develop their talent for mathematics by providing problems, puzzles, and activities that are intriguing and accessible.

Our focus is on creating a collaborative, non-competitive atmosphere to explore the joys and of mathematics. JRMF aspires to reach a diverse audience with the goal of broadening society's appreciation and support of mathematics. We believe that developing students' interest in mathematics and enjoyment of problem solving will broaden their outlook and enhance their contributions to society, whatever their chosen career path. Learn more...

More information and registration links will appear here soon.

Math Kangaroo

Math Kangaroo Competition
Dates and registration coming soon

Math Kangaroo is a popular international non-selective mathematics competition for students in grades 1 to 12.
Math Kangaroo emphasizes math reasoning, logic and creative problem-solving. Math Kangaroo helps students develop their skills and reach their potential in math. The problems you will find in Math Kangaroo are appropriate for the students' grade. They require no special math skills beyond what's learned at school. But they are nothing like the run-of-the-mill problems the students normally tackle in class. They are creative and challenging. They require logical reasoning and out-of-the-box thinking.

We will run several competition centers on Seattle Eastside. We will publish the information about the ceters here as soon as it is available.

By inviting students of any national or ethnic origin to the International Competition in Mathematics : Math Kangaroo we make an effort to:
  • Encourage students to master their mathematical knowledge.
  • Give them confidence in their ability for comprehending mathematics.
  • Help them understand how mathematics applies in nature's laws and human activities.
  • Develop their ability to derive pleasure and satisfaction through intellectual life.
  • Show that mathematical education is significant in every part of the world.
Math Kangaroo USA mission
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Math Festivals

Photos from past Festivals
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