Prime Factor Math Circle and School of Programming


"Mathematical Circle Diaries"

Anna Burago

Let us share some good news with you. Math Circle is making history! A book of Prime Factor math was recently published by the American Mathematical Society!!!

Anna Burago's book Mathematical Circle Diaries, Year 1: Complete Curriculum for Grades 5 to 7 is for parents and teachers who want to teach extracurricular math to their children. The book is organized as a collection of detailed lessons accompanied by problems, solutions and teaching know-how. The book makes it possible for a person without previous experience in extracurricular math to start teaching, and to make this endeavor interesting and educational to the students.

Mathematical Circle Diaries is a joint publication of AMS (American Mathematical Society) and MSRI (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute).

You can explore the book on the Internet: You can also read the book review on cut-the-knot.

Prime Factor Math Circle is a nonprofit organization. The goal of Prime Factor is to engage school children in the world of extracurricular mathematics with the purpose of developing their math knowledge, problem solving skills and creative thinking abilities. We have a lot of plans and ideas how to grow and expand. We welcome donations and we will put them to a good use.